Feeding System

Chick Feeder

  • Simple equipment which provides clean fresh feed for day old chicks.
  • Can be used in deep litter or inside brooding cages.
  • 228 mm diameter pan having 2 kg feed holding capacity.
  • 20 feeders recommended per 1000 chicks.
  • Available with back stand and grill.

Chick Feeder Tray

  • Idea feeder for chicks for first week.
  • Enhances natural feed picking habit for uniform growth..
  • 400 mm diameter bubble type polypropylene washable tray.
  • Sufficient for 50 chicks in brooding area.

Chick/Grower Feeder 4Kg

  • Polypripylene pan with 4 kg, Feed holding cone
  • Simple equipment which can be hung from top by rope and height adjustor.
  • Can also be used on ground.
  • Optional accessories available
  • Available with additional feed hopper on request.

Broiler Feeder

  • 350 mm Diameter polypropylene pan with proven design for easy feed flow.
  • 8 kg feed holding capacity with hopper.
  • Ideally suited for commercial broilers for a better F.C.R.
  • Optional accessories available
  • Such as : Grill with 16 slots
    Feed saving ring
  • Chick feeder pan up to second week.

Jumbo Feeder

This is a product developed exclusively for cage brooding of layer chicks and Japanese Quails.
  • 410 mm Diameter heavy duty Apple type polypropylene pan with preset gap setting for easy assembly & for smooth feed flow.
  • Once fill a day concept / holding 12 kg of feed with hopper.
  • Optional accessories available.
  • Such as:
    Grill with 20 slots.
    Feed saving ring.
  • 20 Feeders per 1000 commercial broilers.

Female Feeder

( for parent breeding farms )
  • Large 420 mm dia with easy to fix soft polypropylene moulded grill.
  • 43 mm slots as per specification for adult female birds in parent farms for restricted feeding.
  • 17 slots which can accommodate average 13 female birds.
  • Model available with rope, height adjustor and crown cap. Can be easily adopted to winching system for gang lifting.

Grower/Male Feeder

  • Large 420 mm diameter heavy pan with easy to fix soft moulded grill.
  • 10 Slot Grill for easy access for male birds
  • Available with happen and antiswing ballast pan.

Mini Feeder

  • Ideal for use inside cases and general purpose during brooding.
  • Aesthetic design
  • Easy to clean
  • Capacity :350mgs.